About Michael Kammin

Michael Kammin

Originally from rural Wisconsin, Michael Kammin is an engaging singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitarist who has worked to cultivate a sound of his own. Claiming influences ranging from Leo Kottke to Tom Waits and Peter Gabriel, Kammin’s sound is strikingly original with a hint of Americana songwriting backed by a deftly picked guitar.

Having learned piano and saxophone as a child, influence from his older brother and a rare opportunity to see both Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges play together at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison lead Kammin to explore the world of fingerstyle guitar. In addition to Kottke and Hedges, Billy McLaughlin, Alex de Grassi, John Fahey, and Pierre Bensusan were household names.

A six-year stint in Milwaukee brought opportunities to study guitar and exposed him to some of the best songwriters of our day, including Willy Porter, Peter Mulvey, Patty Larkin, Martin Sexton, and Jeffrey Foucault. These musicians whetted his appetite for songwriting, and fostered a strong appreciation for the well-penned lyric.

Having moved to the flatlands of central Illinois to accompany his wife while she attends graduate school, Michael's hands have finally caught up with his head. Playing various venues from farmer’s markets to coffee houses to college towns, the edges of a seasoned musician are being defined.

Michael's debut EP entitled “Strong Mind” was released in August of 2006 and featured five original songs.

Michael’s first full length recording, entitled “Cold Pines”, was released in May of 2008, and features six original instrumental guitar tracks and six original songs.